About US

Warner Robins Convention & Visitors Bureau


Our offices are located in the E.L. Greenway Welcome Center, registered as a National Historic Site. Inside the historic train depot is the Georgia Artisan Center. Come shop the Georgia Made Georgia Grown gift shop!

Caboose SOU X556


Built in 1971, this beautiful red caboose was donated by Norfolk Southern Corporation. Come inside to feel what it was like to man the caboose! 

Mildred's Country Store


Shopping as it was over a hundred years ago, now frozen in time! Mildred’s Country Store was built in 1900 and was originally located on Feagin Mill Road. Now relocated on our campus, you can come feel what it was like to shop ‘back in the day.’ 

Elberta Depot Heritage Museum


Once fully encased by a warehouse, now proudly displayed just a few miles from its original location, come view the Elberta Depot and the History encased within. COMING SOON: Interactive Model Train exhibit! 

Our Mission

Strengthen the positive awareness of the city of Warner Robins as a destination; to increase revenues, stimulate economic development and growth for the community.